Terms and Conditions

PAYMENT: Payment is due and payable in full upon delivery of units as noted above. All warranties will be void unless all money due to Patio Screens by Holmes (Seller) is paid in full when delivered.

We are not responsible for delays in production. This is not a refundable purchase as this is custom made for your home. The products listed above are to be custom made for purchases and therefore in this agreement cannot be changed, cancelled, modified, or discharged in whole or in part by the Purchaser except in accordance with the law or with written consent of the Seller. The seller does not guarantee performance in case of strikes, floods, or other conditions beyond its control.

It is being agreed that, in the event of cancellation by the Purchaser AFTER the commencement of manufacturing of the above goods, the Seller would suffer damages in an amount which would be substantial but would be uncertain and difficult of proof, it is agreed, and it is the intention of the parties hereto that in the event Purchaser breaches this contract we have the right to charge, as liquidation damages and not as a penalty to the Seller, the sum of Fifty percent (50%) of the total cash price of this Contract. YOU THE BUYER MAY CANCEL THIS TRANSACTION AT ANY TIME PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF THE MANUFACTURING OF THE ABOVE GOODS.

It is mutually agreed that this contract may be assigned or subcontracted by the Seller and that where the term “Seller” is used herein, it shall be construed to mean assigns, and that the terms and agreements herein contained shall bind, apply and insure the heir, successors, executors and administrators of the parties thereto. The undersigned represents that they are the owners of the above-mentioned premises and that the legal title thereto stands or is recorded in their name.

The undersigned acknowledges receipt of a true copy of the Contract. They further acknowledge that they have read and know the contents thereof, understands that no other agreements, verbal or otherwise, are binding upon the parties hereto and that their Contract contains the full agreement between the parties and that this and no other agreement exists, and that all previous conversations are undersigned further acknowledges receipt of separate copies of notice of their right to cancel this agreement. The Awning and or Screen remains the property of the Seller until the invoice is paid in full. IN WITNESS THEREOF, the undersigned have hereunto subscribed their name the day and year first above written.

Labor Warranty: Patio Screens by Holmes is proud to a provide 1 year labor warranty.

Important Warranty Notice: The following items may void normal warranty if not followed: High Winds and or Including Hurricanes for awnings and Screens: Patio Screens by Holmes Roll Screens are not hurricane rated and are not intended to be used in the event of high winds. Our screens are rated for up to 40 MPH. These numbers are general guidelines for operation; size and locations may vary. Products should always be retracted when away from residence or with threat of high winds. In the event of rain, awnings should be retracted. Wind sensors are not a guarantee against product damage. Rewraps of fabric/screen are not covered under warranty. When bringing the awning in manually in case of power failure, the awning must be unplugged.

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