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Installation Technician and Installation Aid Job Description


Installation Technicians and Installation Aids for Patio Screens By Holmes, you should have sound electrical and mechanical knowledge, be able to climb ladders and work in confined spaces for an extended period, have exceptional communication skills, and possess a passion for customer service.


Your duties in this role include working with mechanical or electrical equipment, following blueprints and other directions, drilling holes, making cuts, fitting brackets, and using a variety of electric and hand tools.


Installation Technicians and Aids must be able to:

  •        Load and unload the truck
  •     Install fixtures according to job tickets
  •        Assemble enclosures as needed
  •        Mount railing, fixtures, and awnings
  •     Prep and clean up the job site
  •        Maintain a safe and clean workspace

Related Experience Includes:

  •          Fixture installation – Experience installing structural fixtures that typically connect directly to a building
  •          Trim carpentry – Skill or experience completing final stages of residential or commercial construction with trim carpentry including the installation of baseboards, stair rails, and millwork
  •           Caulking – Experience applying caulk to seal and waterproof structures and fixtures
  •           Electrical – Skill or experience working with electrical systems in a maintenance or construction setting
  •           Hand tools – Experience with or knowledge of using hand-powered tools
  •           Power tools – Skill or experience using power tools

Education and Experience Requirements

  •     High school diploma
  •      Background check
  •         Installation Technician – Two years working in the construction industry

Pay Range

  •      Installation Technician: $250/ unit
  •          Installation Aid:  $16 – $35/ hour  (working hours)

If you meet the above requirements and would love to join Patio Screens By Holmes, please submit your application.

Sales  Associate  Job  Description

Sales Associate duties and responsibilities include working closely with customers to determine their needs, answering their questions about products, and recommending the right solutions.


To perform the job effectively, sales associates must be able to promptly resolve customer complaints, ensure maximum client satisfaction, and communicate with customers, coworkers, and managers. Usual day-to-day duties include engaging customers, recommending appropriate purchases, and handling complaints.


Sales Associate Duties & Responsibilities

  •     Greet customers and makes them feel comfortable
  •     Interact with customers offering assistance and responding to queries about products and purchases
  •        Provide recommendations according to customer needs or preferences
  •         Introduce promotions and new products to customers
  •     Document sales by updating customer records
  •     Stay up to date with sales trends
  •     Alert the management of potential security issues

Education and Experience Requirements

  •     High school diploma
  •     Background check
  •     Two years of working in the service or retail industry preferred

Pay Range

  •     Commission TBD based on experience

Preferred Skills:

  •     Self-motivated
  •     Friendly and strong commitment to customer service
  •     Verbal and written communication skills
  •     Interpersonal skills
  •     Ability to stand for extended periods of time
  •     Ability to lift merchandise weighing up to 20 pounds
  •     Basic math and accounting skills
  •     Critical thinking, evaluation, and analytical skills
  •     Record of meeting and exceeding sales goals

If you meet the above requirements and would love to join Patio Screens By Holmes, please submit your application.

Measurement Technician Job Description


As a Measurement Technician for Patio Screens By Holmes, your job duties include sampling, recording output of the measuring system, preparing a report, and working responsibly to keep the equipment order flow moving smoothly.


A measurement technician inspects and records meters that measure distance. This position provides on-the-job training to teach you how to operate and test meters and other measurement equipment.


Measurers schedule appointments, travel to customers, keep record, measure, and check materials, supplies, and equipment for the purpose of keeping relevant records. Other duties are clerical by nature.


Education and Experience Requirements

  •     High school diploma
  •     Associate degree in a technical field or applied science preferred
  •     Background check

Pay Range

  •     Starting at $75/ job

If you meet the above requirements and would love to join Patio Screens By Holmes, please submit your application.


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